Great Sounding Spaces

Bart Jilesen Studio.

In Shaping Sound

Honest sound is the result of the interaction between sound waves and its environment.

Acoustic Design

We specialize in designing beautiful rooms that live up to their potential, sound-wise.  Our focus goes beyond just sonic linearity to create an aesthetical, ergonomical, and inspiring space, by advising on the usage of colors, materials and textures, and lighting.

Great-sounding recording studios start with a well thought-out design. The ideal workflow is different for each user, and this makes it that we like to work on a very personal level to create a design that fits just right. Get us on board during your project’s conceptual phase, or as a second opinion on your late-stage plans.


Sonic Assessments

We perform real-time and impulse-based analysis of rooms with top-of-the-line calibrated equipment. When existing rooms come with sonic hurdles such as non-linear reverberation, unacceptable noise floors, insufficient isolation, or plain ergonomical inconveniences, they can all decrease the effectiveness of the environment, and — perhaps more importantly — the workflow.

The results of this assessment are presented and explained in simple language in an assessment document, which allows for easy interpretation of the measurement outcomes and their consequences. We can offer additional consulting regarding the optimization of the acoustical status quo.


Technology Consultancy

From the source to the woofers, let us guide you through the maze that can be audio components. We speak specs as a second language and will help you realize your ideal playback system.

Calico stays up to date of the latest technical developments and with our never-ending study of acoustics, we offer calculated plans and advice on media systems that will meet your workflow’s needs, while maintaining a focus on a set budget.